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Accommodation in Tihany?! That's it!

The Golden Bridge is an apartment, consisting of one bedroom. Private bathrooms belong to the bedroom. The apartment has no direct access to the garden, therefore and because of its classical attic configuration, we offer a lowest price guarantee on it.

Through the windows however you can get a beautiful panoramic view on the Lake, at fair weather eyes can even reach Badacsony... :)

The rooms of the flat:

Purple bedroom: double bed, tv, refrigerator, electric kettle                 

Bathroom: in two adjoining rooms, separated by a door, water closet+wash basin and shower+wash basin



Golden Bridge = for two, breakfast included

from 23.000,-HUF to 27.800,-HUF

Extra tourist tax 500,-HUF/head/night

 The reservation is based on our detailed offer!

Here You can ask for our offer!