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Accommodation in Tihany?! That`s it!

The Golden Bridge is an attic family apartment, consisting of two bedrooms, a living-bedroom and a kitchenette. Private bathrooms belong to the bedrooms. The apartment has no direct access to the garden, therefore and because of its classical attic configuration, we offer a lowest price guarantee on it.

Through the windows however you can get a beautiful panoramic view on the Lake, at fair weather eyes can even reach Badacsony... :)

The rooms of the flat:

Green bedroom: double bed

Purple bedroom: double bed, tv

Living-bedroom: dining-table, single bed

Kitchenette: single sheet cooker, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle                 

Bathroom 1: shower, wash basin, water closet

Bathroom 2: in two adjoining rooms, separated by a door, water closet+wash basin and shower+wash basin



Golden Bridge = for five, breakfast included

from 42.000,-HUF to 58.000,-HUF

Extra tourist tax 500,-HUF/head/night

 The reservation is based on our detailed offer!

Here You can ask for our offer!